Therapy Style

Dr. Lori’s treatment approach is unique for every client, personalized for each individual’s style, nature of the problem, and comfort and pacing.

Her doctoral education focused on therapeutic interventions, and she continues to value a focus on outcomes and change. Although she has studied, practiced and taught systemic, brief, relational, family of origin, and solution focused therapies, she describes her current practice as most passionately informed by a narrative tradition.

She believes that the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves inform the way we live our lives. As a result, her focus is very much centered around unpacking the links between personal, family, and social histories. “Problems aren’t located inside people, but rather emerge more from relational contexts. Systems perspectives allow us to examine these difficulties as relational, social, and biological. Problems cannot be reduced to personal-interior phenomena.”

Dr. Lori’s work is described as respectful, non-judgmental, and focused on creating an atmosphere of safety and confidentiality. Clients emphasize the progress they achieve as having been made possible by her caring and conversational style. Clients also note her creative and philosophical approach as having been integral in their ability to bring about a more positive way of being. “I have the belief that therapy should be easy to get into, and easy to get out of. Clients should have the ability to set the pace, being responsive to the degree of progress being made.”